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Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees are a critical element of corporate success.  A healthy workforce can lead to greater worker productivity and morale (Burton et al., 1999). As a result, corporations have a financial incentive in having healthy, happy, and well-functioning employees. 

For these reasons, it is important to choose the right strategy for your corporation in selecting a corporate wellness program.

Although there is overlap across many of the wellness programs in the marketplace, my programs offer several unique features, which distinguish them from others:

  • Individualized approach.  All employees receive one-on-one attention, and all wellness interventions are personally tailored to their specific needs.
  • Strengths assessment.  What allows employees to do and feel well in their lives?  How are they already healthy?  All programs focus on identifying existing strengths (personality and behaviors), and developing a structured approach to maximize these areas.  My background as a counseling psychologist makes me uniquely positioned to identify and work with individual strengths.
  • Wellness enhancement.  Through use of the strengths assessment, programs well help employees develop a structured approach to maximize their healthy behaviors.
  • Illness prevention.  Unhealthy behaviors are targeted, with an emphasis on preventing illness through education and the implementation of adaptive replacement behaviors. 
  • Stress Management Suite (SMS).  All programs feature instruction in stress management techniques, allowing individuals to develop healthy strategies for coping with stress and replacing previously maladaptive habits.
  • Dynamic speaker.  All programs feature an initial group workshop, prior to the individualized sessions.  With an expertise working in group settings - I have a wealth of public speaking experience, and have led numerous therapy and encounter groups - I am skilled in engaging audiences through a mix of energy and humor.  I will draw out healthy group norms in my audiences, enhancing motivation and interest in the participants.

Three corporate wellness programs are offered:

Hypnosis Smoking Cessation

Stress Management

Mindful Eating


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